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Strona główna - Sklep - Workshop: Thai cuisine – Classic Thai recipes 17.08.2024 h: 15:00

Workshop: Thai cuisine – Classic Thai recipes 17.08.2024 h: 15:00


Thai cuisine - Classic Thai recipes 17.08.2024 h: 15:00
Workshops in English!
We invite you on a culinary journey to Thailand, which will be conducted by Michał Kurek - a great fan of Thai cuisine! Come and find out what's hidden in curry paste, taste the sweetness of coconut milk, or feel the hellish fire of Thai chili peppers and feel for a moment like you're on a street in Bangkok. Let us take you on this journey full of aromas and flavors! You will be in our studio in the center of Warsaw, but your thoughts will be much further away!Michał will talk about the products used there, the principles of preparing and composing dishes, and then show you how to prepare several delicious dishes.Culinary workshop menu:
  • Tom yum (goong) soup - classic spicy soup with shrimps (or Asian mushrooms in a vegetarian version)
  • Pad Thai - a national Thai dish that probably needs no introduction!
  • Mango sticky rice - probably the most desired dessert by tourists, which can be successfully prepared at home :)
Place: Foodie City Warsaw, Plac 3 Krzyży 10/14, entrance through the reception from ul. Książęca 23.Additional information:The price includes:
  • All the necessary ingredients for cooking. From our participants we expect only good humor and wolfish appetite :)
  • Soft drinks: water, coffee and tea.
  • A welcome snack.
  • Diploma of completion of the course along with recipes for cooked dishes.
  • A gift that will make you very happy :)
The price does not include:
  • Take-away packages. We encourage you to bring reusable food boxes with you to avoid unnecessary waste. In case of need we have them available on site (additional charge)
  • Alcohol. It can be purchased individually on site. However, we do not accept alcohol brought from outside.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • I can't cook, can I come to the workshop?
    • Yes! Our workshops are primarily for amateurs and enthusiasts who want to broaden their culinary horizons.
  • Do we all have a position, or do we cook in groups?
    • We cook in groups. Their size depends on the type of workshop and the number of participants.
  • Does everyone cook all the dishes because I don't want to miss something?
    • Yes. We design our workshops so that everyone cooks all the dishes. So you don’t have to worry about missing something. The chef who leads the workshop talks about what we do and explains in detail. We want you not only to eat delicious, but also to come out with new knowledge. In addition, at the end you will receive recipes for the dishes we made.
  • Do I have to bring anything with me?
    • Nothing but a good mood and an appetite. We provide everything else.
  • I don't eat meat. Is there anything for me to eat?
    • Let us know when you sign up for the workshop. We try to compose our menus so that they can be prepared also in a meatless version. However, this is not always possible.
  • I am allergic / on a specialized diet. Can I find something to eat, too?
    • The most! Let us know when you sign in. We try to meet your preferences as much as possible, but it may happen that we will not be able to do something.

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