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Strona główna - Ladies’ evenings

Ladies’ evenings

Planning an unforgettable bachelorette party? We offer cooking workshops that are the perfect way to kick off the celebrations. During the workshop, ladies can not only learn new cooking skills, but also have a great time integrating while cooking together. Our workshops are led by chefs who are not only bursting with good energy but also have a great sense of humour, ensuring a great atmosphere and fun.

Ideal Location
We are in the heart of Warsaw. A visit to Foodie City Warsaw is the perfect way to start your evening and get into a fun mood!
Fun and Flavor
We combine cooking lessons with great fun. Our sessions are an excellent start to a unique evening.
Unforgettable Experience
And the most important thing is to make this day forever memorable!

We have a whole range of attractions to offer:

Wine Casino
Bring your event to life with the Wine Casino – the perfect combination of entertainment and wine tasting.
Culinary Workshops
Provide an unforgettable culinary experience with our interactive cooking workshops.
Wine Painting
Add a creative spirit to your event with our wine painting workshops.
Private Cooking
Choose an exclusive cooking experience for the evening with our private cooking.
Sommelier workshops
Learn the secrets of wine with the experts. Sommelier workshops are ideal for an evening full of knowledge and taste.
Alcohol Tastings
Discover the variety of spirits at the spirits tastings. The perfect choice for an evening, for connoisseurs of taste. We have a wide range of different drinks available.