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Strona główna - Laurentiu „Lorek” Zediu

Laurentiu “Lorek” Zediu

Master of the Carpathians

Our school is not just about the food.

It is first and foremost people. People full of passion who inspire and infect with their love for cooking. Among our “lecturers” there are people who add a secret ingredient to every dish – the heart:)

One such person is ‘Lorek’, or Laurentiu Zediu. If you follow the culinary world, you probably know him from MasterChef, where he took the honourable 2nd place in 2018;)

Our friend lives by the principle “Don’t worry, be happy”, so you can be sure that the atmosphere in his kitchen is total laid-back 😀 Lorek comes from Romania, so Balkan cuisine is especially close to his heart 🙂 however, don’t be afraid – it won’t be boring! He also gained his gastronomic experience in Spain and England to finally polish it in Poland 🙂 Are you curious what he can prepare? You will soon have the opportunity to find out 🙂 Admit it, who can’t wait?