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Radek Piwowar

Sushi Master

Many dream of being a Sushi Master, but only a few manage to get to the highest level. In order to become a true “sushi master”, one must be patient and steadfast. This is how Radek Piwowar became a master in his craft. He has been making sushi for more than a dozen years.

He took his first job in the kitchen in 2003, right after catering school. In 2006, he had his first contact with sushi and… that’s how it stayed. Passion, hard work and training under the guidance of masters brought results. Radek has worked in several of Warsaw’s most popular establishments, including Tomo Sushi, and in 2011 he took up the challenge and became the bar manager at Besuto Sushi Bar, where he continues to work to this day.

Sushi is a demanding discipline. You can spend a lifetime spinning rolls in one restaurant, but Radek always wanted and did more, aiming higher and higher. He started running workshops and training courses and specialised in what is known as ‘life cooking’. He independently develops menus and watches over the life of the restaurant.

Today, he shares his experience with others. He trains more candidates who want to achieve as much as possible in this demanding but at the same time beautiful profession.